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Three Easy Lessons for a Millennial to Retire a Millionaire

The message from many financial advisers is that to be successful, investing must be complicated. Sorting through hundreds of investments to come up with the “best” choices and then constantly tweaking your holdings to reflect every new stock that comes along is not only impractical, it also reinforces the myth that one needs to pay someone high […]

The Future of Market Efficiency

Amidst the recent uptick in volatility an important question resurfaced: are markets efficient? People on each side of this issue now share a Nobel Prize so the debate is far from straightforward, but wide swings in wealth without change in economic fundamentals provide ample support for its relevance.

Sixteen Predictions for 2016

We believe a key investment principle is to avoid situations where you have less than a 50% chance of being correct. It makes sense to hedge these outcomes and focus where you have a clear, repeatable edge. For considerations outside of any investment process, however, here are our sixteen predictions for 2016. Some may be […]