Wealthblocks treat each of your goals independently. Separate time horizons and target levels of risk combine to form the portfolio that’s right for you.

Buying a Home

Having a place to call your own is one of life’s biggest goals – and one of life’s biggest purchases. What’s important is deciding how much you need, when you will need it, and how to get started on that path. We’ll help you match your needs and timeline to an investment portfolio with the following features:

Figure out how much you can afford, how much your mortgage payments would be, and more, with this helpful resource from SmartAsset.

Saving for Retirement

While it may seem far off, it’s important to begin saving for your retirement early. Starting now will help alleviate your expenses (and your worries) when retirement approaches. Saving for retirement can be done in a regular (taxable) account or an IRA account invested in a portfolio with the following features:

The earlier you start saving toward retirement, the longer your investment returns can compound. Albert Einstein called compounding “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time” and “the eighth wonder of the world”. Who’s to argue with Einstein?

Saving for School

Higher education is paramount…and expensive. Whether saving for yourself or a loved one, it’s smart to be prepared financially when it’s time to go to college. With a Longwave Advisor college savings account, you will benefit from the following features:

To gauge just how much you need to save, there are hosts of useful calculators that will help you project the cost based on your particular circumstances and preferences. Consider it your first homework assignment. Here’s one we like from the non-profit College Board.

Saving for a Vacation

Whether it’s relaxation or an adventure you’re after, starting an account with our Next Generation Investment Process will let your money work for you, while you work toward that vacation.

By saving for your vacation with Longwave Advisor, you’ll receive the following benefits:

Need more help planning?  Try this travel budget calculator.

Saving for a Rainy Day

Life’s unpredictable, and unexpected expenses happen. It’s important to prepare when possible.

Instead of stashing rainy day funds in a cash savings account, we believe in letting your money grow while you save by investing in a low-risk portfolio built to benefit from the following investment features:

Donating to Charity

Donating to charitable causes that are important to you can increase feelings of happiness and reduce stress, while also reducing your tax burden. Setting up an investment account to fund your charitable giving means the money is there when you need it—rather than feeling like an out-of-pocket expense. A portfolio with Longwave Advisor benefits from the following features:


Investing in your well being is the most profitable investment you can make.  However, expenses for everything from gym memberships and nutrition to out-of-pocket medical expenses, prescription drugs, and long-term care can really add up.  Being prepared to meet those important costs by having funds dedicated to your ongoing wellness takes financial stress out of the equation. Your Longwave Advisor account will benefit from these investment features:


Your wedding is one of the most exciting and momentous days of your life. Plan for the perfect celebration with the one you love with a custom financial portfolio based on the appropriate time horizon and risk tolerance right for you. With your portfolio at Longwave Advisor you will benefit from the following features: